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  • It will work and I can confirm it..
    Just solder a wire from digital pin7 to reset pin (next to the 3.3V pin) at the bottom of the Sparkfun shield.
    No software changes necessary on V2.0 library..

  • I got V2.0 libraries to work with this Sparkfun USB Host Shield.
    I compared this board schematic to the Circuit@Home V2 board and found the differences.
    The Sparkfun board, MAX3421E RESET pin is wired to pin D7 whereas the Circuit@Home V2 board is wired to the Arduino RST or Atmel328 Pin 1.
    I just jumper the D7 to RST on the female header and it "kinda" works...
    Run the board_qc of Version 2.0 libraries and all the test is passed except the 100 resets is a bit delay with the message below :
    Circuits At Home 2011
    USB Host Shield Quality Control Routine
    Reading REVISION register... Die revision 03
    SPI long test. Transfers 1MB of data. Each dot is 64K................ SPI long test passed
    Resetting oscillator
    Reset number 0 Time to stabilize - 687

  • I got this USB host shield working with version 1 of oleg libraries at
    Have anyone got this sparkfun usb host shield working with Version 2 USB Host Shield library ?

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