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  • The best way to desolder something is still to apply as much solder as possible (so the heat equally spreads overall pin), to cover all pins and then gently pull out the header with a tweezer. So you can desolder almost all part that are non-QFN/MLF and non-BGA. The removal of the plastic will in most cases harm the board (as the pins get bent away) and also all the flying solder and pin parts are a hugh downside.

  • gg Let me say one thing =)
    I went skiing two weeks ago^^
    Greets from Austria

  • I had the same idea almost a year ago =)
    works pretty fine, but you can increase the accuracy of the touch pad if you middle 10 to 100 ADC values for each channel =)
    I tested AVR USB ... or how it is called now ... and it quite unstable and therefore I don't recommend it for larger applications.

  • Call Me too =)
    Just graduated (secondary technical colledge for electronics and computer science) on Friday^^ So I'd need a job =))

  • Hmm...
    Those I-Net connections ... just relocate to austria - I have a 20/1.5Mbit connection for only 40? a month =) The 25/2Mbit connection would cost only 50bugs^^
    And I'd appreciate having you guys as near as possible =))

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