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  • Geez. Maybe I should get some glasses. Thanks, I totally skimmed past that.

  • I have had success now getting a Raspberry Pi to communicate to the board and it looks like I am getting valid data back from it. However I don't have a small stepper around right now so I have not connected anything to the bridges on the chip. I'm wondering if in that case it is normal to get 'weird' status values? My STATUS register reports either 0x7C03 or 0x7E03 which indicates that all or nearly all possible error conditions are flagged and they stay that way no matter how many times you send the GET_STATUS command. I was figuring that it's possible that with no motor attached it's royally unhappy with the situation but would be nice to confirm that. I have a couple NEMA17's on the way to give it something to connect to.

    Meanwhile I'll keep plugging away at writing an interface to this thing in C++ for the Pi.

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