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  • Check out http://embeddedmicro.com/tutorials/mojo/how-does-an-fpga-work to understand why gates is a confusing metric in FPGAs.

  • If you download our base project from http://embeddedmicro.com/tutorials/mojo/creating-a-project it includes a ucf file for the board.

  • Unfortunately, Xilinx's tools only support Linux and Windows. Macs are not supported. However some people have gotten it to work on Macs with virtual machines. http://embeddedmicro.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=55&hilit=mac

  • That wasn't intentional. The file is fixed on our website and you can download it here http://embeddedmicro.com/development-boards/mojo-v3.html

  • We will be updating the instructions soon to reflect the new kit. An update for the code and instructions on how to program it through the bootloader will also follow.

  • I ordered two of these mics for some projects I am working on and they are awesome! The only thing I had to do was replace the 1M ohm resistor on one because it will be exposed to blaring music. The default amplification is perfect for most projects though.

  • Sorry but the picture is a mistake, you only get one AVR.
    That schematic is outdated. I'll see if I can get them to update it. The 10K resistor is a pull up on the reset line of the AVR.
    The LEDs used were changed and they are more ballanced than the old ones so the resistors of the same value can be used without having red over power the other colors. There are no changes to the code.

  • The LEDs are multiplexed (google it). Basically each one is only one for a short amount of time. The 3-8 decoder is used because only one of the 9 LED rows (one extra pin from the AVR is used for the 9th one) are ever on at the same time.

  • The cube can be programed and I have tested it with the AVRISP mkII, any compatible programmer should work.

  • Part-of-word can be kind of nice sometimes, but I would definitely make whole word matches higher on the list.