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  • Would 2 of these work well for line level volume control?

  • A great store that I go to all the time in Portland, OR. is Surplus Gizmos, it would be great to have Sparkfun products a 20 min drive from downtown. They could make a good distributor for you guys. They have absolutely EVERYTHING I need besides SFE products.

    Fry's and Radioshack would also be great.

  • I have a question for anyone out there who knows more about gyroscopes or this sensor.

    1. At rest, does it put out a median voltage that varies up or down depending on the direction and speed?

    Also, it might be good to note that on the datasheet the 1X output is supposed to have 1500 degrees per second bandwidth.

  • It means that it will sense a directional change of 300 degrees per second.

  • The manual answered my question: "In adhoc mode the module creates it own “on demand” network that you can connect to via your computer like you would to any other network." Sweet!

  • Can this little guy create its own ad-hoc network that I can connect my iphone to?
    To be clear, I'm asking if it can be a host, or is it a client only module?

  • Does the battery input have any kind of voltage regulator?
    Can I use the 5v FTDI breakout with this board?

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