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  • Off the top of my head, this is some of what I got:
    1. Convert 100_b to decimal (LOL!), answer was 4 of course.
    2. I got this one wrong, As memory serves - two AAs were in series 1,500 mAh each (that's 3,000 mAh and 9 LEDs are connected (3 RGBs) with 10 mA running through each. An ATMEL something would pull 8mA. What's the longest this could run for? I ignored the RGBs and computed 3000/98 which is wrong.
    I'm thinking considering the RGBs it should be 3000/((303)+60+8) ≈ 18.9 hrs Anyone else got this question?
    3. It was a button input to a MCU type question. You had to pick the pull-up resistor but the point was the current had to be limited to a max of 0.25mA; the resistors also had a 5% tolerance and the Vcc was 2.8V. There were a couple resistors listed but I only bothered calculating for 10k Ohm and 14k Ohm.
    Used wolframalpha to compute 2.8/(10000 * .95) and with the 14k as well; the 5% drop was important to me as this would allow more current through than expected. The 14k ohm passed, and was the right answer.
    4. Something about circuit trouble shooting. Essentially the LED doesn't like up; answer was check the direction.
    5. A longer string of digits and convert to decimal; think it was 148 or something.
    6. Oh yes, an ADC question for 10-bit ADC. 2^10 gives a range of 0-1023, so 1,024 distinct values. 2.8V read against 5V TTL, hence 2.8/5
    1024 = 574 rounded ADC reading.

  • I wouldn't say that. My four years would have gotten me $40 but I went with the quiz and got and extra $7 ...(yes, I messed up on one question as I read too quickly over the question).
    The damn hamsters were so unfit after all the Christmas turkey and new years celebrations, so I was distracted to say the least, but the server wouldn't let me get past the 6th question. $10 went to charity...pretty awesome anyways :)

  • Git is also not just a version control system, it's actually a distributed version control system - quite unlike SVN (or CVS for that matter).
    While this guide is great, one can use Git much quicker via the command line. Sadly, at least for Windows users, you will need PuTTY to maintain your RSA/DSA keypairs.
    I find it much easier (in OS X or Ubuntu) to simply perform "git push origin master", if updating a master branch on Github. There are of course a lot more tricks to using Git - check out Git Ready (google it!) and the Git Community Guide.
    Good luck!

  • You can desolder the on-board SMD LED and make a connection to your penalized LED. Would be a good idea to maintain similar forward voltages, when picking your panel LED.

  • It can take an input between 3.7 and 7V as stated above.

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