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  • Me too!

  • I have one that I sent display data to about 6 months ago and is still very clearly visible.
    I had to write the display data several times to make it very dark: I use a sequence like the kindle display - I write the inverse of the existing data then all black then all white - this helps eliminate any ghosting of the previous display data. Then I write the new data a couple of times (with a rest in between of about 500mS) to build a strong contrast.

    The fade rate is affected by temperature, do you have it very hot or very cold?


  • Finally got around to powering this up with the breakout board. You can run black on white - just invert the BW, COM and data signals in the code.

    (Since the COM and BW outputs of the driver chips on both display halves are connected internally you must drive these the same sense for both display halves or you will pull your supply down.)

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