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  • Any plans for a 125B sized proto?

  • It would be nice if you could source a similar high quality power supply which has interchangeable power socket pins (like you see with some phone chargers) for us poor international folk…. Sure we can get them on ebay from China, but I would be more comfortable with a unit supplied and endorsed by SparkFun.

  • I would advise caution when commenting on this matter, as at this early stage we don’t have much reliable information.

    I have managed to find only one picture of the device in question, (e.g. http://indilens.com/110842-ahmed-mohamed-14-arrested-over-clock-mistaken-for-bomb/) which was released by Irving PD. To me it appears to be the gutted internals of a commercially produced clock installed into a small aluminium framed case.

  • CRT - Cathode Ray Terminator

  • Wow, it’s difficult to pick a favourite, I can see myself making good use of the proto, OLED, IMU, and weather shields. However, most of these projects would also make use of the battery shield, so I’d have to nominate that as my favourite. To be truly useful many IoT projects can’t be tethered by a power cord.

  • Is there a prize?

  • “Dear Mom, I think I left Fluffy Buns under my pillow when I slept over last night. Could you please check my old room and ….”

  • So not only have these poor people come in to work in the middle of the night to fix a glitch so we could all save a few bucks, they have also taken the time to apologise individually to every complaint.

    I must admit I was surprised by some of the comments.

  • So I guess SparkFun should send photos of every single item they import to US Customs for review, and assurances that this sort of thing won’t happen again. That should keep them from meddling for a while ;-)

  • Here is the multimeter I use here in Australia;


    Looks more like a Fluke than the SparkFun one.

    Here is what you get to choose from;


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