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  • I should share my recent experience hooking up this device. Sparkfun's Bluetooth tutorial is out of date. The default settings are 8N1 at 115.2 kbps. To enter command mode, you need to type $$$ before the 60 second (default) power-up timer expires. Here's what I suggest you do to get up and running quickly: 1. Jumper RTS/CTS with a solder blob. 2. Solder wires to VCC, GND, TX and RX. 3. Apply power to VCC and GND. 4. Connect to the Bluetooth device on your PC (initializes as COM40 on my PC).
    5. Open Hyperterminal at the settings described above for whatever COM port your device initializes to. 6. Holding the TX wire to the RX wire, type random letters in Hyperterminal. You should see these printed on the screen (with ECHO off--i.e., the characters are sent from the PC wirelessly to the chip, down the TX wire, back up the RX wire, and then back wireless to the PC).
    7. To enter command mode, disconnect from Hyperterminal. Power down your BlueSMiRF, power back up, connect to Hyperterminal, and enter $$$ before 60 seconds is up. The BlueSMiRF will respond with "CMD". Then type D and you should see device information printed to the screen. Type --- to leave command mode and re-enter data mode.

    Hope this saves you some time.

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