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  • I cried that was so funny. And now I'm suddenly thirsty...

  • Well, I have now totaled 5 boards. Not sure that each problem was the same, but some things I've learned on the way.

    Power the board up for the first time with the POT turned all the way down, then once you have the M+ and GND hooked up, measure the voltage on the TP1 pin and adjust the POT up until 0.4v (recommended somewhere else), and make minor adjustments from there to optimize motor performance (sound, power). This is my new recipe for getting set up.

    Well connected grounds to the bottom of the board M1,M2,M3 (if you wish to pull these down) and GND are essential for avoiding "noise" on the digital pins, which can cause chatter/erratic movement.

    I think I blew one of my chips when I reset the board (unless it was a coincidence), so I won't be doing that again. I have used 12v 1.0A and 30v 1.0A power supplies for this and they both work great. Some of my applications need the 30v.

    I see in other posts that a fair amount of people burn these boards up. It would be great to see more documentation on how to avoid this.

  • Sweet. This is my first roasted electronic component! Now to figure out what I did...hahaha. I hooked up a 30V, 830mA adapter (seems reasonable) and started messing with the cur adj pot when the fireworks started.

  • Can you tear off a group of wires from the 10. For instance could I easily turn this into a 4 wire and two 3 wire ribbons?

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