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  • I haven't found a way to get it to sit in there very well either. It's not that big a deal because the heatshield blocks it from touching the solder spool but it doesn't look like it would damage the tip from sitting there.

  • Anyone been able to get the iron to sit in the stand correctly? I haven't... Also been wondering what the metal thing on the side of the stand is for. Other than the iron not sitting in the stand as one would expect (not touching the heatshield) it's a good iron. The sponge it comes with should probably be swapped out for some brass sponge instead but for now I just another thicker sponge in its place.

  • All was great except maybe the Third Hand. The magnifying glass wont sit still in even a slight breeze no matter how hard I tighten it. I got a different one than the one pictured here (although if you follow the link that's the one you get). The clips work nicely though just the magnifying glass doesn't play nice at times. Stellar kit though would recommend it to anyone.

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