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  • Is there any chance that Sparkfun could start carrying the Si4707 chip by itself?

  • Mmm... nothing quite like the taste of lead poisoning. (Although I'm sure Sparkfun's items really are RoHS compliant.)

  • Yes, you will need some capacitors and resistors. I have a schematic for the ENC424J600 uploaded, so that should hopefully be close to what you'll need for the ENC28J60 right here.
    Note that R14 and R15 are 49.9 ohms, I forgot to label them in my schematic.

  • Does anyone know if this is the J00-0042NL/46NL/64NL/66NL, the J00-0014NL/45NL/61NL/65NL or the J00-0025NL/51NL/62NL/63NL Magjack?
    They are all wired differently internally, so if anyone's figured this out, please do let me know. A comment did state it was somewhat working with the ENC28J60, while I'll be using the ENC424J600 which shouldn't be too different.

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