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  • Magnetic absolute or optical ? The AS51xx etc are so cheap they should come standard these days.

  • Anyone seen a shield for MCP79410 or PCF85063 ? These are quite a bit cheaper than DSxxx clocks. Microchip has AC164140 and NXP has OM11059A,598 SKU for eval, but of course they arent as neat as ones here ..

  • Needs a complete kit SKU with platform/arduino.

  • Nichicon EverCap series seems to be super cheap for their capacity. Available from digikey/mouser. 100F for 15 bucks. Would be cool to get some power boards with voltage regulators or step-up converters preinstalled from sparkfun.

  • I know, it would still be very useful to have the magnets, the chips and the board all in one kit.
    I'm probably getting a few of AMS, RLS and Melexis chips to play with anyway, but all of these are SMD which i don't do well.
    At some point it would be very useful to have low-backlash gearmotors with magnets already placed on the shaft and a bracket for holding the encoder pcb. Should be a bit cheaper than the ones with optical encoders.

  • Well, this IS a quadrature encoder
    Guys, please please get some breakout boards for AustrianMicroSystems or RLS magnetic rotary encoder chips, along with the round magnets !
    See this thread

  • RLS also makes a range of these

    Seem to be excellent encoders at low price points.

  • An encoder option for this would be awesome. Combine with a 3DOF ( 1 gyro + 2 accel ) IMU and you can have some very accurate "gyrodometry" position estimation relatively cheaply.

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