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  • Seems that you have never heard of High Power model rocketry. The rockets are bigger, and the engines are too. The one with a black smoke trail is what we call a "sparky" engine, because there is a titanium sponge in the propellant that burns and sparkles as it is spit out of the engine. The ones with red trails have strontium nitrate mixed in with the propellant to give them the red color. If you would like to learn more, check out one of these sites: http://aerotech-rocketry.com/ (A major manufacturer of HPR engines), http://rocketryforum.com/ (A great source of info), http://www.nar.org/ (One of the two bodies that regulates rocketry). I am really into HPR, so I was excited when I saw that picture. The article was disappointing for me, because the picture really had nothing to do with it.

  • I have one of these chassis, and while I was happy with the assembly, I can't get it to drive straight at all! It always turns a couple of degrees in either direction. Are there any modifications that will help with this? Is there anything I could have done wrong that might have led to this?

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