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  • do I use this on linux? It doesn't create a /dev device, or show up in the Arduino IDE, or even show up in lsusb.

  • Can this be connected to a linux desktop or Raspberry Pi? I see lots of talk about iOS apps, but no mention of how to connect it to other devices.

    Also, the 'sample code' link in the product listing gives me a 404.

  • I realize this sounds like a stupid question, but how do you use this?

    At first I thought I had a bad battery, but SparkFun sent a replacement and it behaves the same way:

    1) The power pins always show a 0.17V drop, even shortly after charging. 2) After fully charging (according to the indicator light) and then letting it sit for an hour and plugging back into the charger, the indicator shows it is dead. 3) It doesn't have any switches or buttons or other obvious reasons it wouldn't supply power. 4) It doesn't seem to be a load sensor either, because the battery doesn't respond to small resistors or my phone.

    Did I miss something? Or is it just another junk battery from China?

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