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  • Please tell me there is another version of this coming out, why doesn't this thing have the capability of on-board programming like the rest of the shields do? You literally have to take the shield off to program the Arduino and it becomes such a hassle when you are debugging software and not only that, you are making the connector terminals wider. Does anyone know of a way I can rig it up so I can wire the board up to not do this?

    *UPDATE: So I figured out how to use this thing to its full potential without interrupting anything with the main serial communication between your computer and the Arduino. So in order to achieve this, you will need a Arduino Mega 2560 because the uno doesn't have this feature. So since the Mega has multiple serial communication slots for serial 1,2, and 3, you have to bend both the Rx and Tx pins 90 degrees so that they don't go into the Rx0 and Tx0 lines and then just jumper wire the Tx and Rx lines from either Serial 1, 2, or 3 pins so that it uses a different serial Rx and Tx so it doesn't interrupt the function of the I/O and communication from the Arduino to the computer. I already tested this and works great now. You can also program the Arduino while the shield is on the Arduino, so you don't have to keep taking it off and on. If anyone has any questions how to achieve this, I will post a instructional download so everyone can do this with pictures.

  • you can get this cheaper on Mouser.com. Best place to go, 58 bucks for this, you get it on mouser for 30 bucks. I always notice everything is so much higher on sparkfun. The only thing I bought from here were some LED drivers I couldn't find in individual purchase.

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