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  • I do not know why bit it is strangely comforting to see the box wall back. The set in the new building looked a little bit ramshackle IMHO it did not reflect well on the SF brand. Those red boxes just work.

  • Having just one of these in stock is not very useful. Do you plan to get more in stock?

  • Thanks for the post, this level of transparency is awesome and provides a valuable lesson to those of us in big tech businesses. I hope you find a way to maintain it as you continue to grow.

    As for Free Day, will I miss it? Nope. I have never had the time to be able to participate. I put my SparkFun orders in typically when I need stuff and do not have the time to sit and do the refresh and enter a CAPTCHA thing this year. In fact being transparent I felt like this years competition was excessively biased towards people who had time on their hands.

    Taking the budget and investing it in an education program is a great step and ensures that both the community grows and that SparkFun reaches more potential customers. You had however better ensure that how you choose the venues is not a lottery ;-)

  • Who is Keyser Söze?

  • On the packaging they say refrigeration doubles the shelf life. I keep mine in the fridge, you just need to give it a few moments to warm up before you start working it.

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