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  • After 3 days messing around, i managed to get the shield to work with the Arduino Uno.
    The error was mine (sorry sparkfun. Dam u newbie).
    It seems that the shield was initially set to a baud rate of 115200 (as said in the datasheet). So trying to communicate with the basic sketch for passthrough provided here won’t work.
    I changed the rate of Serial.begin() and cell.begin() to 115200 and then told him to communicate with the rate of 9600 (with “AT+IPR=9600”). After the program ran 1 time i stopped the shield and changed the sketch back to the 9600 rate. Now i can talk to the shield.
    For all the mac users: i had good experience using coolTERM as terminal to receive info and send command to this shield http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/31352/coolterm

  • I also have the strange characters problem.
    - tried every baud rate
    - tried to send a reset with
    cell.println(“AT+CFUN=1,1”); //this resets the shield
    - tried to send a new baud rate
    cell.println(“AT+IPR=9600”); // set the baud rate
    and all the things that were mentioned here and on tronixstuff.wordpress.com
    Why does this product not work?

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