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  • So I'm trying to use this sensor to turn on and off an LED strip for a kitchen lighting project, I only had a Due to give 3.3V but will wire up a level shifter when I get a chance and use a boarduino. I used pins 20 for SDA and 21 for SCL and used 3 for the INT pin. This didn't give a reading even though it initialised OK until I did this to the code, the digitalPinToInterrupt() is a recommendation of the Arduino site although I've never used it before. attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(APDS9960_INT), interruptRoutine, FALLING); I changed this in both places of the gesture code and changed the line #define APDS9960_INT 3 // Needs to be an interrupt pin to get it away from the serial0 pins. It's working well but might need tuning. Hope this helps someone. Cheers Mike

  • I read your book with great interest, thank you for publishing it. Like everyone else who bites off more than they can chew, I'm trying to build an LED music display. I'm hoping to use common anode RGB LEDs and assume that I use the schematic "usart_mspim-no_border_multiple.pdf" and wire up each LED to consecutive outputs of the 5940 ie 28-R, 1-G and 2-B and so on. I also have a nice 12V 4A power supply and want to use 3 LEDs in parallel for each "line" is this too much for the 5940 and would I still set the current to 20mA or use 60mA. I have lots of N channel mosfets, could I use these to wire it up as per the common cathode schematic? Thank for helping a beginner.

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