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  • As some other comments have said, the storage aspect of the project feels impractical for general use (the office coffee supplies sounded good though).

    (A.) I do really like the scale-and-scan portion since it wouldn't take up much space to have just that component on a kitchen counter. Then you could have a workflow like: scan+tare -> use product -> scan+weigh. As a bonus, since the products are in their original packaging you can save a lot of time repacking and money on other containers and RFID tags.

    (B.) Having some sort of "session" marker would be great as an auto-input for different recipes and tracking incremental differences in a recipe (hate it when you get a recipe perfect and cant' remember the ingredient mix?). Improving eventually to simultaneous session/recipes for cooking multiple dishes (e.g. making pasta and a salad at the same time).

    (C.) You could also eventually include an inventory management system where you only need to have an "Add to shopping list" button to press during scan operation. (possible integrations into google keep, evernote, email, etc.)

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