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  • Guess the forum is unmonitored so I’ll try to answer regarding the GPS shield possible problems. I’d recheck all the soldering on the board to make sure that you don’t have a solder bridge between any of the header pins, and that’s you haven’t missed any connections that should be solder! 90 percent of all problems with electronics is soldering and power related. The fact that the 406 GPS is flashing means that it’s not getting a lock for some reason. Have you tried it using the UART pins instead of DLINE? Does it work (get a lock) when just powered and not connected tot he GPS shield?

    The first step is to put the shield under a magnifying glass or loop and have a very careful look for any solder bridges or missing solder connections and its best if someone else does it for you because, believe it or not, you’ll overlook the same mistake and the more simple the circuit the more chance of a mistake! Been their, done that!

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