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  • For people who are intending to wire this up using the RX/TX connections of an Arduino,

    After you read the datasheet, you'll quickly notice that the WiFly chip works with 3.3V all around and is really sensitive to anything higher.

    It's not enough that you just power the chip using the 3.3V pin from the Arduino and a common ground. The RX/TX module works with 5V, just like anything else on the Arduino. (Quick explanation of UART and RS32 communication, it is basically a sequence of high and low signals, in Arduino UNO's case, from 0V to 5V).

    There is a 3.3V Arduino Pro that you can use safely, but if you are intending on using any other ones, you need a level shifter like this one from Sparkfun, or you can build one yourself following this tutorial.

    I burned my breakout board (it worked for a minute before I realized the 3.3V issue), so I just wanted to give everyone else a heads up before.

    Good luck on your projects!


  • Overall, awesome product!

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