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  • I had the same problem lol. I had to look back through the video to see what was going on in that 3rd punch. Reading your 7-1-16 comment I realized we probably have a similar DSP approach. I counted it as a hit, since it looks like he hit it. He just didn't retract his hand quickly. From what I remember too, if you don't count that as a punch, then the total count comes to 76.

  • Thanks for having this fun competition :). I wish I could say it was easy. My numbers are: 77 for 77, 81 for 81, 93 for 93, 79 for 79, 172 for Mystery1, and 155 for Mystery2.

    I used a PIC32 development board, I believe you have one in stock as well. The included C firmware project along with a pdf serve as an example of how to implement the algorithm. Link to files is here. I have to say uploading a folder to Github was not intuitive at all for me.

    Thanks again!

  • .What's the SOIC pin pitch?

  • +1!

  • can i stick this onto your metal enclosure and expect it to work?

  • Can I get an ETA? Would be nice, since every time I check its on back order.

  • I experienced something similar. The most likely culprit is the sleep mode you have programmed. I believe the default mode for end devices is cyclic sleep. You probably want no sleep, for this mode you need to be programmed as a router.

  • Hi guys. I just made an instructable on how to wirelessly program and Arduino using these. If you would like to do so check out:

  • So I shorted the outputs for a few seconds i believe. It got really hot and all i can get are 3.3V if i remember correctly. My battery was at 4.2V. What I would like to know is the inductor salvageable? Its showing 0 ohms with a multimeter. I guess the failure mode it's called? Thanks,

  • nvm

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