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  • What’s the SOIC pin pitch?

  • +1!

  • can i stick this onto your metal enclosure and expect it to work?

  • Can I get an ETA? Would be nice, since every time I check its on back order.

  • I experienced something similar. The most likely culprit is the sleep mode you have programmed. I believe the default mode for end devices is cyclic sleep. You probably want no sleep, for this mode you need to be programmed as a router.

  • Hi guys. I just made an instructable on how to wirelessly program and Arduino using these. If you would like to do so check out:


  • So I shorted the outputs for a few seconds i believe. It got really hot and all i can get are 3.3V if i remember correctly. My battery was at 4.2V. What I would like to know is the inductor salvageable? Its showing 0 ohms with a multimeter. I guess the failure mode it’s called? Thanks,

  • nvm

  • what’s their current rating?

  • My board works just fine. Board is dated dated 8-7-09, I just order it 5-22-12.Used with XBEE (non-pro), but the regulator was updated to the 500ma version.

    I was experiencing an error while using this board, and thought it was the explorer like everyone else, but my problem lied in the XCTU programming. I even tested the DIN pin on the XBEE while connected and noticed that the voltage ranged from 5v down to ~1.2v while communicating via serial.

    I though oh, it because its not going down all the way to 0v or maybe ~.8v so then the XBEE doesnt detect a change in incomming bits (eg the serial line is always high from the XBEEs point of view. Really this was not a problem and just a clever trick on sparkfun’s part to lower part count and cost of the explorer board and still maintain 2-way communication between the 5v Arduino and 3.3v XBEE.

    My problem ended up being that the default setting, for XBEEs set up as end devices, of when to sleep was set up as cyclic. so when i tried to push data out onto the sleeping XBEE to transmit to the coordinator it wouldn’t send for a while until it woke up (and even then it lost all the sleeping data).

    While I’m prototyping power consumption isn’t a big deal to me since I’m hooked up to a 5v wall outlet, so i just took sleep mode off. Now when it comes time to to be battery powered just make sure to set the sleep setting to cyclic or whatever you want if you need to be power conscious.

    LONG STORY SHORT, beware of the sleep mode setting!

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