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  • The Schematic has 200K resistor from VREF2 to VCC but the board has 300K.

    Any reason for that?

  • Can I get an IOIO without the JST power connector?

  • Can I use this to charge my iPhone/Android Device?

  • Can you please provide more details of the hardware needed? Also can I swap the roller for another one??

    I need to use this for my classes where my students use line(QRE) sensor. The height makes it impossible to use them wither way.

    The slot is cut out for that but the sensor won't work at that height. It needs cover to work.

  • Also the battery holder provided is 4 cell, but the mounting holes and assembly instructions indicate 3 battery back.

  • I ordered the kit with some QRE Sensor. The Kit has a proper cutout for the QRE, but then the height is way above ground.
    Trying to use it the other way and keeping motor on top and roller without stand, the top won't fit together, have to buy more hardware to use this kit.
    Also the motor mount was not proper, had to press the motor really hard to get through the holes.
    Price is the only positive about this kit. Really disappointed otherwise.