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  • I have been trying to download blink to the code. I very carefully followed the instructions for installing Arduino Core. Everything compiles, but I cannot get it to upload, the connection attempt keeps timing out. I held the 0 button down while starting the upload, nothing.

    I tried running esptool tool directly: ./ --chip esp32 --port /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200 read_mac I also get the timeout message. There I held the 0 button down, started running esptool, and released the button as the connect attempts started.

    I also tried downloading the esp-idf. Same issue.

    I am doing this on an Ubuntu box. I have permissions to write to the serial port. pyserial is installed. Python 2.7.12.

    I notice that the red power light is on, but when I press either the RST button or the 0 button, I see nothing changing with any of the LEDs.


  • For all technical work, I tend to use Linux. All of the tools I typically need run there. For other tools, like, say, QuickBooks, I use OSX. I avoid Windows as much as I can (other than having to format external storage as some msft format because everyone speaks it) and so far manage to do that just fine.

  • I am definitely in the "no headers" camp as it gives me ultimate flexibility. But I also understand people who are beginners wanting to experiment and soldering doesn't come easy to them. So I would say have both.

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