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  • What version of the firmware does this ship with nowadays?

  • Has anybody ever looked at the signal integrity on this to determine if it could be used as a sew-able alternative to standard wire? Think WS2801-style...

  • As for the "this obviously wont support that", you have to remember to jump in additional current every couple meters. With that in mind, I have personally driven various WS2801/WS2811/WS2812 modules & strips up to >60A... no issues at all.

    Other than frame-rate issues, I see no reason you cannot go for creating a Ultra-HD display with these things. I mean shoot for the stars, right?

  • You can cut them down to single LEDs. Basically they provide two sets of pads that you can cut between. Or on the flip side, if you want to put them back together, the pads are close enough to just use a solder-bridge for re-connection.

  • Interesting. You can buy 5 of the 1-meter sections (at $19.95) for $99.75... but the 5m section costs $99.95... plus you get more connectors with the 1-meter sections. Hmmm...

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