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  • Just so I'm clear, I'm looking for a way to get the balanced output from this module and send it to a line-in on my amplifier.

  • Humm, the Friday post with the demo showed what seemed to be a 3.5mm audio jack hooked up to a pair of (powered?) speakers, so I would imagine you had to convert from balanced audio to unbalanced/single-ended audio, right? The tutorial shows connections that go straight to the speakers. Any chance you can add how one goes from balanced to unbalanced?


  • Nice, thanks Pete! I know very little about circuits in general (just started experimenting recently) and just started on audio circuits and have been getting a lot of information from series like yours.

    I'm curious about what would be a good, simple design for a differential to single-ended output conversion circuit. In particular the WT32 Bluetooth module you guys sell output analog audio via differential output and I would like to convert that to line level, single-ended output. Everything I've read so far indicates an OpAmp is what I would use. I'm just not sure about what goes around it in a circuit like that.


  • How are you guys wiring this part up for serial comms? Just like the example schematic?

    I've found an example online of someone doing the reverse: connecting the TX to the diode's cathode (VCC + resistor on the anode) and doing sort of the opposite on the transistor side as well (RX pulled up to VCC via resistor to collector and GND on emitter). As I understand it, this basically inverts the high/low states based on the input levels, but that didn't quite work for me.

    Any tips are welcome.


  • What are the specs on those resistors? I know they are 10K but what about the rest? I only need one channel and I'm building this myself (first little project). It looks a 0603 SMD resistor. Is it 5% 1/4W?

  • Are these all 5%?

  • This and other tutorials seem to be missing several pictures. Could someone double check those to make sure they are coming up correctly? Thanks!

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