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  • According to my new knowledge that should work fine.

  • OK! Kind of fixed it my self. For some reason nothing is passed through diode attached to DIN on the XBee shield to the RN-XV. (Works fine with XBee modules....). So i removed it. Added a voltage divider between the Arduino TX-Pin and GND and connected the DIN pin to the divider. The sheld is now a 5V only shield but works with both Xbee and RN-XV. Voltage divider: TX-10K-DIN-20K-GND.
    Same modification will probably work with the XBee Explorer Regulated (WRL-09132).
    Now I'm happy!

  • I'm trying to get an RN-XV to work with an Arduino Uno and a XBee Shield (WRL-09976). Sending data to the Arduino works like a charm but sending from it does not work. I have tried both using pin 0 and 1 with the UART and pin 2 and 3 with SoftSerial. Same result.
    If I plug the RN-XV into an XBee Explorer USB (WRL-08687) and connect it to my PC it works (sending and receiving) and I have stored a setup in the module that works with my network. I can connect to the RN-XV through my wifi network regardless of where it is plugged in as long as it has power.
    As a last effort I have tried using a XBee Explorer Regulated (WRL-09132) wiring VCC, GND, DIN and DOUT in the same way as with the XBee Shield with the same result. Can receive but not send from the Arduino Uno.
    As someone has suggested I have also tried to invert the DIN line to the RN-XV. No luck with that.
    I’m stuck here. Can anyone enlighten me please? How can I get an RN-XV working with an Arduino Uno and a XBee Shield (WRL-09976)?

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