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  • So that is what the fox says...

  • That is a very, very good idea instead of a piezo buzzer use the car air horn things that sparkfun sells that would be hilarious. ya it would scare the crap out of you... now that i think about it, you would need some power for that but hey you could always try .

  • where is the fun in that... like really it is a good idea but the kids are all like ohh your that kind of guy who likes to take the fun out of everything. The fun in pinata is the fact that you get to whack the crap out of something. Take that into consideration. But back to the idea... that would be kinda cool to see. BTW i do realize that i am replying to this 8 months after the fact.

  • I got 18 inline power controls which are retired and 2 boards i dont know what it is called but it is small something for a gps .

  • bought 20 of them and none of them had any components so basically a blank PCB

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