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  • I just spent the last couple hours struggling with this LCD because of something very stupid of me. I was using an atmega328p in AVR-GCC and using hardware SPI. Thinking i didn't need MISO I hooked it to DC. The LCD worked absolutely fine until I tried to set the x and y position in the ram. It started acting weird every time I tried it. Finally I put dc to another pin and BAM NO PROBLEMS. Looking back I feel pretty stupid but hopefully this post will save someone else the same mistake. Other than that great LCD for my projects

  • I've never been too big into kits, like to put together stuff myself. But I threw this in with one of my orders and I'm loving it. Just slap it together, plug in a spare wall wart lying around and makes getting power so much easier.

  • I've ordered one, haven't received it yet, but I'm putting my schematic diagram together. I assume you had no current limiting resistor? Also I notice that the datasheet call for max 4.6 volts, I assume 5volts won't hurt it?

  • Are you going to address the audio taper for the feedback in the code or are you going to set up an op amp circuit to make it linear?

  • "The temp agency didn't mention anything about this"

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