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  • NothIng is free. The 200k came from their loyal customers...anyone off the street could have gotten the $100.

  • My point is that allowing people to sign up on free day and steal $100 from the real customers is stupid . But I guess this is just a gimmick to get new customers instead of rewarding the loyal ones. Where do you think that the 200k came from? Their customers. Thanks a lot SparkFun.

  • Nothing is free.....If I were SparkFun I would create a customer reward program, not a let's have everyone type in Captchas (even members who signed up the day before) to win "free" money.

  • Does everyone fail to realize that free isn't free? The 200k came from their loyal customers, while contest allowed anyone off the street to join in. This is a stupid marketing ploy and really pisses me off. I don't care that I didn't win, it's the principle of the thing. SparkFun, you may have gotten some new costumers through this gimmick, but you just lost many of your loyal ones...... you will find out that this was a disaster... Captchas, really, what idiot thought that up? Why not do something that requires more than 2 brain cells, like the quiz last year? It is sad that SparkFun really messed this up.

  • Yes!

  • Then why don't you require only true customers(those who have made purchases with SparkFun in the past) to participate?

  • Look the 200k comes from their loyal customers (like me) but to win money you don't even have to buy anything you just have to create an account, takes only a minute. Sound fair to you? I don't care about winning, I just wish that A. They go back to the Quiz system(way more fun) and B. that they give back to their true consumer base.

  • Nothing is free... The 200k came from their loyal customers and having a free handout (even to those who have never bought anything from them) feels like betrayal. I'm not complaining about not winning, but I am complaining about this irritating captcha crap.. Bring back last years system!

  • Let me guess... You won. People are complaining about the method to the madness, captchas are not fun. They are simply suggesting alternatives that would make the expirience more enjoyable, not complaining about getting money.

  • This year free day was a typing contest with a whole lot of losers... Make a different system next year!

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