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  • A 3D Model of this board would be so helpful. The hole locations, connector locations, reset switch and clearance for the XBee board make this board non-trivial to mount/enclose. I tend to use this board for nearly all my projects and I model all my projects in Autodesk Inventor before I build. Consider this a friendly request for a 3D Model.

  • From the datasheet it appears as if you have a 3D Model of this switch ready to go but I was unable to find it on the GitHub repo of models. If possible I'd like to get access to the model for my project.

  • It appears from the schematic that the minimal RC protection documented in the "VLSI Application Note for protecting analog outputs" has been taken care of on the MP3 Trigger board. If that is true, you might consider noting that somewhere. I am hooking the output to battery powered amplifier boards for my boy's Darth Vader Costume I sure hope I don't smoke the board before Halloween. I was unable to locally purchase an SD card smaller than 4Gb and the MP3 Trigger card would not read 4Gb Fat16 cards. I dug through my old cell phones and found a 2Gb Fat16 card and it worked great. You might consider noting that in the documentation too i.e. the Fat16 prerequisite is there but not the 2Gb limit. I am controlling it from my FEZ Panda II using Wii Numchuck for the input. My boy is going to have sooo much fun breathing on people!

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