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  • How about Trans-Am Electronics on Canal Street!

  • Did you get new firmware for your async camera that puts out ASCII instead of JPEG?
    Is this a trial, before replacing all JPEGs on the site with ASCII? Might have been cool for April 1…

  • What’s the correct maximum voltage on the 45A version of the AttoPilot?
    Your copy states “51.8V Max”, but the datasheet begs to differ, claiming “New 13.6 V / 45 Amps”.
    The datasheet states 13.6V in multiple places…

  • Technically, it’s not a switch, it’s an encoder.
    I agree with you, most people won’t grasp the longer description, that’s why I gave you a shorter one too.
    The major missing detail in the description is that it’s a Gray Code encoder. If people don’t grasp that, they won’t be able to use it. They’ll just wonder why it has such a strange set of permutations.
    If you tell them it uses GC, and link the words “Gray Code” to wikipedia, its “strangeness” will suddenly make perfect sense.
    P.S. When they know what it is, they’ll realize it has inherent debounce, and they won’t have to implement that in s/w. (or you can tell them)

  • Hi Robert,
    The issue is the the product description is ambiguous and misleading.
    You can’t say something is “in a way” x and say it is “actually” x; it’s a contradiction. It makes one wonder, which is it, in a way or actually.
    The misleading part is, it’s not remotely a 5T switch. The similarity ends with the 5 positions.
    A more accurate description would be, it’s “a dual, 5 position binary Gray Code encoded position sensor, in a panel mount toggle switch form factor”.
    To shorten that, it’s a dual 5 position, 3 bit, Gray Code selector switch.

  • Hi, I’d love to see some pictures of the PCB added! Thx.

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