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TD Gonzales

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  • I get something similar running the AdvancedExample from sparkfun. This is what I get Could not connect to MMA8452Q: 0x3B

    I could have sworn I had this board working a year ago.

  • Yeah I bought one last fall and hooked it up. It twitched out and didn't work. I assumed that 12V wasn't enough so I got a 32V 2.5A PSU. I plugged it in and smelled the smoke. Not sure if it was user error or just bad luck...

  • I have had the same problem with this stuff. I'm new to soldering and it feels weird to shove a board under a faucet and scrub it with a toothbrush. Although for finer more detailed stuff stick with rubbing alcohol.

  • This is so handy. There is nothing as rewarding as getting a gob of splattered solder all over your desk.

    I always worry that I'm going to smack a component and crack it.

  • I haven't figured out the I2C yet either but I just started messing with that.

    I have a 5V board as well. Pick up a voltage regulator(Sparkfun sells em). You can talk to it on the 5v lines with the example code given.

    I have no clue why I2C has so many libraries for arduino but I guess they are all needed. It is kind of annoying but probably necessary.

  • Yeah Toni has been really helpful when I needed help.

  • Latex gloves?

  • This thing is awesome! It heats up fast(think watching it time) and works as advertised. I can solder stuff in 1/4 the time that it took with my old cheapo from some shack store around town.