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  • That's how I do it. You just need to wire up the 6 pin connector to the appropriate pins on the tiny84 using jumper wires (vcc, ground, reset, sck, mosi, miso). Works like a charm. You'll almost certainly need to solder a header onto the tiny avr programmer board though.

  • For the price it's definitely not a bad soldering iron. It does indeed work and seems fairly reliable. That said, it's still just a $10 soldering iron and has a lot of limitations. Definitely make sure to use 63/37 eutectic leaded solder when using this, it will save you heaps of trouble. This soldering iron has very negligible thermal inertia, avoid using lead-free solder if at all possible, though using easy-mode solder will make this iron a practical and useful tool. For example, I tried using this iron for desoldering lead-free solder joints and it was an exercise in frustration.

    For a low-cost soldering iron it's pretty reasonable, just make sure to use it correctly to get the most out of it.

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