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  • Now that you mention white and red, i wonder... Has anyone got a trademark on red and white stripes and white stars on blue background? I think I'll trademark that and charge anyone using this scheme a steep licensing fee. :)

  • That's incredible! Have these people no brains at all? A patent infingement is reported and they instead of doing their homework first to verify whenther patent is still in force or finding who the manufacturer is and harrassing them, they instead choose to scare a poor woman in her little toy store. I guess it was just a pleasant time of year to go for a road trip to St. Helens.

  • I wasn't able to open linked Fluke image but I googled for it. If these two meters are the same then just about any handheld multimeter on this planet should be considered an infringement by Fluke. And I guess they happily would. Total BS! Like SF guys say, this is too generic of a definition. Fluke should be required to use specific pantone color numbers if they want a trademark on a color and should be required to use only that color exactly for their meters.

    As for use it or lose it, Fluke could have just contacted SF and said "hey guys, pick another color, this one's ours". I'm sure SF would oblige without having to lose $30k and filling landfill with what used to be a perfectly good product.

    Like someone said: note to self - screw Fluke and never buy their product.

    Oh, btw, a bit of childish humor: in polish word fluke means a bugger. As in the one picked from your nose :) Just spelled without the "e"

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