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  • Security, not just privacy, is a huge potential issue in the “Internet of Things”. IPV6 has better solutions but we are still at IPV4 with no available IPV6 IoT products. I’m using the Arduino MKR1000, which does come with a software implementation of SSL using TLS but I find that certificates (and the need for frequent renewals) are a huge kludge, and there’s no support for anything better. Does anyone else care about this?

  • In HAM radio I find the Anderson power pole connectors as something of a standard for 12 volt applications. They are sturdy and the specialized crimp tool can’t be beat. They have the useful property of being hermaphroditic. The common usage is red/black but other colors are available.

  • Welcome Back Pete, we miss your upbeat witty presentations.

    My concern, even with 0.10 parts is seeing what I am doing and steadying my hands. First step is of course to clean my glasses. Maybe I should get a new prescription but they are what I’ve got. I use desk lamps left and right to illuminate. The magnifier on my Helping Hands works but I have to close one eye to see it clearly through the dinky lens. I use my trusty 60/40, it smells better than some of the ROHS, and sometimes a little bit of flux works.Afterwards I carefully inspect with my big magnifying glass.

  • Resistance is pretty easy. Things get more fun when the mix includes capacitance and/or inductance. Are there some easy ways to analyze some of these cases or does it take Higher Mathematics?

  • Don’t forget Marvin, the depressed robot from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  • I thought it was dumb for you to offer the SAMD21 Dev Breakout DEV-13672 without the sockets/headers included. This board seems like a drop-in replacement for the Arduino Zero (or the .org M0) for users who don’t need EDBG. I could see if you included them “in the bag” for customers to solder on but it would be worth a few bucks more for it to come ready-to use.

    Just my simple opinion.

  • Do we have any information on its WiFi capabilities? Is it just IPV4 or do they also support IPV6? How about the antennae - range and coverage, and will it support an external Yagi or monopole?

  • I don’t know if it is legal to sell boards in the USA but they can certainly be bought through sellers on – and who knows what you get on ebay.

  • I don’t see the UNO WiFi listed yet as a SparkFun product. What WiFi chipset is used and is this board manufactured by SparkFun or by or by

  • One thing you need to mention is whether or not a unit is LEGAL. The FCC sets limits for spurious signal generation, and one would expect that a unit with the FCC logo would not interfere with other services such as Amateur Radio. But it’s much cheaper to print the FCC logo than it is to engineer and build a legal gizmo, so many of the shady outfits in China just print the logo, they are not LEGAL and they pollute the airwaves.

    This is not limited to switching power supplies, grow-lights from Home Depot are notorious offenders, and some of the cheap LED solutions are also bad actors. The FCC does not seem to anymore have the resources to patrol against the bad actors, but they do respond to complaints. This doesn’t work very well against some shady outfits as they operate under many company names and addresses.

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