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  • oh yeah

  • These are great! I randomly purchased a few of these last time I placed an order just because. And I used all of them for extremely us full things! I mean they are super dinky (5/5 as shown) but they really come in handy.

    I created 2 custom 'dead bug' breakout board for two differnt SMD chips I had (I glued the chip down unside down and ran wires from it, then soldered one head to the board which allowed me to place a second board ontop, sandwiching the chip and then I put headers on the top board and connected them to the wires, then I filled the 'sandwich' with hot glue, incasing the SMD and securing the connections. work great.

    I have also made other break outs for cables.

    Dont expect to have a whole circuit on this thing (unless you make floors).

  • Why do you advertise this as the MAX232 when its not even similar. The chip you get is an SP3232E which is not characteristically the same as the MAX232.

    1) It does NOT create true RS232 voltage of +/-10v; it creates +/-5.5v. I have not tried this; but I did purchase one (by accident, i thought it was a MAX232; Dumb me, right?). 2) It is NOT pin compatible (You can not switch a dead MAX232 with this; different pin count/placement/and voltages. 3) who is sipex? lol.

    Sparkfun you should really consider carrying the true MAX232 chip; Its alot better then this cheap knock off you are selling us. I know you want to make money so you have to buy knock-offs and sell them.

    Please do yourself and your clients a big favor and start selling a better chip; this one is no good. I mean RS232 level chips are everywhere, everyone makes 20 differnt types of these chips.

    A good one and reasonable priced (besides the TRUE MAX232 chip, of course). Is Analog Digital's ADM232A. It creates the TRUE* +/-10v and it IS pin compatible with the MAX232.

    But most importantly; please stop advertising falsely. Why not just have the title of this "RS232 Converter DIP-SP3232E"? You are getting poeple like me, who are familiar with the MAX clicking the purchase without noticing its not the MAX until I got it.

    Although buying IC's from sparkfun is just silly; you are just middle-middle manning yourself! I do really enjoy the boards you guys create and carry though, those I buy. :) Although I am guilty of purchasing ICs from you!

  • Did you have to put YOUR logo on it? I mean if we are advertising for you, you might as well cut us a break on the price... not make it more expensive to include your logo.

    With your logo on it; doesn't that mean we cannot sell an item with this enclosure commercially?

  • It is? Mine it not broken in the middle. Also it should be shown on the board by a break in the blue/red line. Why does mine not have breaks in the middle. I think they meant from top and bottom; not middle left to right. As this is standard for breadboards. *edit: now i have seen more comments. why are some broken and some are not? differnt versions of the board? thats very annoying.. im glad mine doesnt have the split.

  • Mine didnt come well either. Mine for some reason it was like the internal rows of metal (that you push the wires into) was slightly pushed to the left (when looking at it from top). So for the first month it was very hard to push anything into and I would often bend leads by accident. I would use a pair of pliers and push them in. Then I went crazy one day and literally used some headers and pliers and pushed through each hole... which re-aligned it, so now it working properly.

    I just think SF should get a replacment item; one with higher quality. I mean they mark this stuff so far up anyways what would another 3 bucks mean for higher quality.

  • What do you mean? Power is power buddy. Just make sure you regulate it as needed.

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