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  • I got it to work. Here are the connections if using SdFat library. The above comments make more sense now :).

    D2 nothing

    D3 Chip Select line (CS) needs pull down resistors

    CMD pin 11, no pull down resistors

    CD nothing

    CLK clock connect to pin 13, needs pull down resistors

    VCC 3.3V

    GND ground

    D0 pin 12, needs pull down resistors

    D1 nothing

    WP nothing

  • I have been able to get the older version of this card working with an Arduino reading and writing data. The new breakout board does not have a connection labeled CS. After reading the forum one person suggested that D3 is the SPI CS line on the breakout board. On the schematic pin one is CD/D3. On the Breakout board pin one is labeled D2. I tried using D2 as the CS line and D3 (pin 2 on the breakout board and labeld as CMD in the schematic) and still could not get the Arduino to recognized an SD card that is recognized on the earlier breakout board. What is the relationship top the labeled pins on board to the schematic? Does CD and D2 which is the first pin need to be connected somehow? Which pin on the board functions as CS line? I appreciate any clarification on this. I am using the following wiring/Fritzing diagram. http://garagelab.com/profiles/blogs/tutorial-how-to-use-sd-card-with-arduino. Thanks.

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