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  • I hooked up one of these with the power/ground pins reversed and, sadly, it only took a few seconds for all the magic smoke to escape. An autopsy has determined that an orange surface mount component on the top of the circuit board (right underneath the round isolating wafer) pretty much burned away completely. The markings are gone, can anyone tell me what that component was? maybe I'll try to repair it. Thanks.

  • Never mind, it was the speakers. An unused pair of dipole surrounds. I guess the dipole design created a set of reflections that sound odd when used as main speakers. Hooked up a pair of ancient Altec Lansing Model 3s and the rig sounded fine.

  • Got this kit built and have tried it with a 16 volt laptop power supply and a 12 volt ATX computer PSU and the sound seems slightly.... off. I'm using some decent Boston Acoustics speakers and the sound is a bit hollow, for lack of a better word. As though there was perhaps a little echo in the high frequencies. Is this normal for this amp? If not, any ideas on what the cause good be? Bad solder joints or PSU noise, perhaps?

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