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  • Product SEN-11486 | about a year ago

    Thank you Giantsfan3 for finding and posting!! Also, thanks to Pansenti! I’ll be checking out this info further. I’m closer to justifying experimenting with one of these 9dof’s now. I have no programming experience so I’d rather use something that is open and works. In the meantime I bought a cheaper accelerometer to “play” with. Still hopeful for a Sparkfun IMU demo though.

  • News - New Product Friday: On th… | about a year ago

    Awesome demo! Thanks Nick!

  • Product SEN-11486 | about a year ago

    It would really be awesome if we could get Pete/Nick (or both) to do a tutorial or project with this breakout board. There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions. Keep up all the great work!!

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