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  • This is going to sound absolutely insane, but here's how my parts organization system works.

    Every part (over 400+ distinct inventory SKUs, totaling over 40k pieces) has it's own compartment or bin. Each bin or compartment is labeled and barcoded. Every item is then counted and entered into a custom excel spreadsheet.

    The barcode scanner interacts with a custom piece of java to manage the inventory status. This way I always have a count of exactly what parts and how many I have.

    Some things that make this possible include Harbor Freight 40 drawer bins, parts trays, and compartment boxes. SMD parts are cut into strips and placed into the compartment boxes or drawers. If I order a large roll I'll keep around 50-100 in the drawers for day to day usage and keep the rest on the reel. (Inventory locationing is supported).

    The excel spreadsheet contains a category, description, sku, part number, and quantity by location. What's also nice is this facilitates a personal datasheet database held by the SKU.

    Needless to say this is a work in progress and lots of little things aren't inventoried yet.

  • sickingly => sickeningly

    But cool card and cool idea.

  • This specific module maybe,maybe not Vacuum ratings are tricky. Electrically it would work, physically maybe not.

  • Correct. Works fine because batteries are in parallel - thus to a charger it appears as a single cell.

    Multicell chargers charge cells strung in series.

  • 2C where C = Capacity as Amps

    In this case C = 6A (from 6Ah) thus max discharge is 12A, but the connectors can only support 1A continuous.

  • I don't think a 14 day hold stock is anywhere reasonable. Your sidenote is only part of the problem - the bigger issue is I have stuff added to my cart to just check price totals all the time. If you were to do any sort of "hold" it would be after you enter in shipping, billing, and are about to confirm the purchase.

    Is the fast internet speed process fair? no. Is there an easy way to fix it without invoking a giant mess? not that I can think of thus far.

    Another way SF could do this. But it invokes different legal issues, is you purchase the product in advance, and depending on stock available, random orders are fulfilled. But there are strong legal problems with this - is it a lottery, sweepstakes etc.

  • Shhhh! What are you doing? You're giving away the secret to writing helpful posts!

    Without the people who don't read the datasheets, I wouldn't be able to regurgitate passages from datasheets to sound intelligent!

  • Sparkfun RV - comes free with pet T. Rex.

  • Just FYI,

    This type of motor is typically found in RC toys coupled to a cheap plastic gearbox. It basically is going to spin at a ridiculous rate with very little torque. (in this case 6600 RPM). Think: portable fans (those AA powered ones).

    That Elecrow motor has a D shaft, and a metal gearbox coupled to alot more torque from the motor to start with. Higher input torque to high reduction ratio leads to low speed, high torque output (77 RPM, 5000 g-cm). Think: industrial equipment.

    Not saying there's anything wrong with either motor, but they're just meant for different uses.

  • The 5A version has a sensitivity of 185 mV.

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