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  • They will be in this week.

  • Ahhhh. Thank you. I was blind for a moment there.

  • Did you mean a minimum range of 30 mm? Not 30 cm?

  • I purchased this item and two XBee Pro 900 XSC Wire modules. They both work fine communicating with each other, however, I cannot receive any data on the computer. I have no trouble transmitting, the loop back module receives and re-transmits, the USB module receives, but nothing happens on the computer end. Not in X-CTU software and not in custom C# COM software. RX and TX LED's light up on both units. Is this an issue on my end, or does this item not work with all X-Bee modules as some here have suggested? Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • This is a really neat project. I think I've been inspired to create something I'll probably have to let sit for a couple of years before I catch anything. It's a shame, there was an earth quake just a few months ago.

    A few things I would do differently and add that haven't been mentioned: -I would think mounting the project to a sturdy base would be important, say, the bolting it to the basement floor? -A C# e-mail client that uses my gmail to forward alerts via text message if the project senses anything I've told it I care about. -A small UPS, maybe just a LiPo? How disappointing would it be if a 9 Richter came along and tore the power lines down and I missed all the after shocks! -Data management. I probably wouldn't want a million 0's to be stored, I would still sample at a high rate, but maybe only store a snap shot every couple of minutes until an abnormal reading occurred and then store continuously until 24 hours of normal activity passes. -Say I use three stations as Orcinus suggested, perhaps integrate an algorithm to calculate the epicenter on the fly and have it sent to my phone. That would be NEAT. But wouldn't I need four stations to calculate the depth of the epicenter?

    Anybody have ideas to add to that?

  • I'm very interested in obtaining red Western Electric model 500 phones like this one for my own "Red Phone" project. I can't seem to find anywhere I can buy them. Does anybody know where they can be bought?

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