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FPGA Designer / Radiation Effects Engineer in the Aerospace Industry with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelors in Engineering Physics from Colorado School of Mines.

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Verilog, VHDL, Arduino, C/Embedded C, FreeRTOS, Bash, Make, Processing, Assembly, Mathematica, Matlab


Colorado School of Mines


Arduino, FPGAs, Embedded Systems, AVR, Autonomous Vehicles, Image Processing/Control, Tesla Coils

  • ...you can never ask for help at the hardware store because nothing you buy there is ever used for its originally intended purpose.

  • As long as the smaller bots don't disappear entirely. I think they provide a nice option for first-time teams. The barrier of entry (particularly cost) can be a lot lower with a simple RC chassis, Red Bot chassis, or even just a board with 4 hobby motors screwed to it.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the A+PRS is an awesome option for teams that have the time/money/experience to take it on.

    I look forward to this years AVC!

    PS>> Sounds like aerial is quietly going by the wayside?

  • Anyone know where to find an Eagle symbol for this? I know they have 0.1" headers, but I am specifically looking for the shrouded footprint silkscreen.


  • Be sure to use the correct CS pin. The Arduino library should support selecting the custom pin when you initialize the SD card.


  • Update:

    Just saw on Aurduino's site that the library supports a custom CS pin as an argument to SD.begin.


    Haven't tested it yet, but looks like all you need is:

  • Have to say, while this board looks great, not impressed. I have had 2, the first showed up dead, and the second died after minimal use in a Wild Thumper (well below the rated limits).

    So far Sparkfun has been great about returns, but I am moving on to something else (http://www.pololu.com/product/1112/).

  • Just got a Mojo V3, and took a while to browse their site. My recommendation is if you want to start teaching about FPGAs, work with them, they have done an incredible job with the Mojo. I think they covered almost every hurdle I could think of, and a couple I had overlooked.

  • I noticed that the new T-Rex controller has inputs for rotary encoders. Is there any good way to work an encoder into this chassis?

  • Two thoughts. First, it would be really nice if you had the appropriate length M2 screws available, it took me 3 hardware stores to find them, and the only ones I found are 1/2 inch long. Second, it would be even nicer if the holes in the bracket were large enough to pass an M2 screw through.....

  • Hate to knock your board, but for a bit more, this one has some nice features.