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  • Robert451; I just received my board this week and have gone through the same frustrations as everyone else here (Poor or non-existent Magnetometer readings). A little research into the AHRS sample code previously linked(SF9DOF_AHRS link appears to have been removed) reveals a sequence of instructions in the I2C.pde file that may be at the heart of most problems. Looks like problem originates with the fact the the AHRS third party code was written for the previous Razor board which used the HMC5843 chip. The storage registers for the XYZ locations are in that order, however on the HMC5883chip the same registers hold the XZY data. When the code executes and reads the HMC5883 data it processes it according to the HMC5843 register sequence and generates garbage for yaw indications. I've tried different combination of register read sequences with varied but inconsistent results. Any programmer out there might have better luck.

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