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  • Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Our fine arduinoed friend...

  • How are you soldering it? This chip's max temperature rating is 140 C. At that temperature most solder pastes will only start melting... and the max rating is only for a few seconds! You will need a special service to solder it I think, I have been trying to do something similar unsuccesfully... But I am looking for a service that would solder components on one or two boards... Not requiring at least 100 boards min

  • wireless ethernet... so wi-fi.... ethernet by definition requires the RJ45 cable to connect...

  • They seem to have 2 websites: RFDigital and RFduino, rfduino has an ok maintained forum at

  • no this device doesn't connect to other RFDuinos... you can follow all this info at their forum, these devices work mostly as peripherals not centrals... unless of course you're able to obtain the Nordic kit but that's a whole different story

  • I'm using 3 boards, 2 are yours one is mine, one of yours and mine give me the square output wave, the other one from you gives me a good ecg signal...

    Also, the leads off detection should only display a flat lined output at half or almost the potential, which it does on the good sf board, but I can't get to seem to get an ecg waveform at all from one sf board or mine... And this output is quite intriguing me..... I want to say emi but why on two only and not the other?

  • Hi,

    I've been trying to get a proper output of this board, and all I get is a square wave ranging from 200+ to 800+... does anyone know why this may be? I'm setting !SDN to 3.3V since I'm not using the functionality to turn off and on... and I set AC/!DC to GND that's the only difference I did...

    Thanks in advance for the help

  • Does anyone have a Fritzing object for the RFDuino and any of their connectors? That would be great to have

  • You would still need a .1uF cap to reset, and pull cts low

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