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  • Figured it out! :) It’s all to do with DC balance and getting to UART to sync properly.

    Here’s a very helpful document: http://www.radiotronix.com/datasheets/an401.pdf

  • I am having trouble getting valid data from this receiver. I’m sending manchester encoded data, all looks good on a ‘scope. However the DATA-OUT pin contains a massive amount of digital noise, before, after and superimposed on the data and the PIC uart cant make sense of it.

    However I seem to be able to get valid clean data from the RSSI (signal strength) pin. If I hook that up the uart I get valid data, but at a range of only about 10 meters.

    I’m using this module with a WRL-08945 (now retired (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8945)

    Anyone have any ideas? Cheers.

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