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  • Product COM-12712 | about 2 months ago

    Solerbotics was helping out with a MakeFashion show, they tried what you want to do, here’s a small clip of the results http://instagram.com/p/kn_m8tkKmi/#

    “This time, Tony Grimes dropped in to experiment with his fiber-optic cloth from SensingTex as an illuminating surface, but the included 5mm LED was not dazzling enough. Time to hack in our 3W RGB Star Controller! The plan was to shift the colors to change the overall color of the fabric, but is serendipitously didn’t work. Shifting the optical pickup across the lens of the LED split the light from the individual red, green, and blue elements to to different strands of the fiber optic cloth, making for a wicked speckled rainbow effect.” -https://solarbotics.com/

  • Product COM-11910 | about 2 months ago

    There ought to be a Red version of this

  • Product SEN-11824 | about 2 months ago

    Keep your eye open. They had 50 late last week. Took less than 24 hours to sell out again

  • Product WRL-11279 | about 2 months ago

    BrianTW may have sent you elsewhere, and this is 11 months later but I will answer anyway in case someone else wants to know

    This module weighs 4 grams

  • Product SEN-11824 | about 3 months ago

    Just looking at the Bosch Sensortec site, are there any plans on carrying the BME280? It adds SPI (while keeping I2C) and also has a humidity sensor in the package

  • Product SEN-11824 | about 3 months ago

    I hope you can make more soon!

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