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Electrical engineer, tinkerer, and general Maker. Professional work is mostly in underwater robotics and remote sensing.

  • If this is controlled through a web browser, is that the UI connection to an embedded web server inside the box? Or does this require an internet connection to function? Might this become a useless brick if the manufacturer goes defunct?

  • From my 30 years experience as an engineer in the oceanographic instrument field, when I design something and we discover someone else has patented it, there is not even the suggestion that we might pay a dime to that competitor to use their patent. Instead we will spend much more money to find another way to do the job even if it makes for a clearly inferior product. As an engineer it irks me to make such an inferior product but management would never stand for paying patent royalties for something our people (re)invented.

  • Another way to deal with the reverse bias problem for the 5mm LEDs would be simply to put a small diode across the LED pins to short the reverse current. The bias resistor to set the forward current would also limit the reverse current to an acceptable value. No rectifier board needed.

  • It seems Eagle has changed the file extensions. Component side = .cmp Solder side = .sol Top silk = .plc Top mask = .stc Bottom mask = .sts There are also .gpi which looks like a photoplotter setup file. It does not generate a drill file as part of the CAM job. You need to run separately and add that file to the rest of the CAM files to have a board made.

  • Where do these Gerber files go? I opened the CAM processor, opened job, loaded my .brd file, it showed the path to my board at the bottom of the box, I hit "process job" and something happened with no apparent error messages. But I don't have files with extensions like .GBL or.GTL anywhere on my hard disk.

    I have Eagle 7.3.0 Standard, Win 7

  • How hard is it to put an external antenna on it? I need to use a directional antenna outside of a metal NEMA cabinet.

  • As someone not too familiar with networking it took me a while to find I needed to use WLAN_SEC_WPA2 instead of WPLAN_SEC_WPA for a WPA-PSK network.

  • Is this board open source? I want to use it in a project that requires parts be available for at least ten years. Open source parts qualify.

  • I tried working with a similar chip a few years ago to make an underwater mouse and I found that without the specialized lens getting the optical alignment right was very difficult.

  • I can't find the shortcuts file. The link goes to "Open Circuits has a problem". Googling ?sparkfun eagle shortcut? doesn't turn up anything that looks likely. I see this tutorial is rather old. Should I be using another?

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