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  • Hi everyone I wrote a quick class for this camera in Python. You can use pretty much any usb to ttl device for this as long as it supports the baud.


  • That sounds like an amazing project.

  • I'm pretty sure you're right on this Ben. The "middle" position should be around 1.5 ms, but this varies depending on the make of the servo. From my understanding, depending on the make of the servo, you can actually burn up servos if it is given pulse widths outside the typical range. In other words, if 2.0 ms translates to its maximum position and it is given a 2.4 ms pulse, it will try and go beyond that maximum position to no avail. Digital servos, on the other hand, if you give them a pulse outside the typical range, will not even respond, like these fancy ones http://www.teamassociated.com/parts/details/29167/

  • Are they consistently the same characters? If so it's just how they are making the packet of information so you know that the serial data you are getting is intact. For example, I've seen RFID readers output with the following format; "/n[12 characters]/n". So, that is a return followed by your 12 characters of the id and then a new line.

    Why is this important? Let's say you started reading a serial buffer and the first character you read in wasn't '/n', it was something else. You then would know that this isn't the beginning of the data you were looking for. If it was, then the following 13 characters should be your 12 characters followed by your end character.

  • Optically isolating your controls (like your nice MCU or raspberry pi) will protect it from surges by not actually having a conductor between the two. Let's say if you using this for your christmas lights and your christmas lights, god forbids, gets struck by lighting or something not so crazy, your controls will be safe, electrically isolated.

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